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Impero - Filtering and Monitoring

Impero at Stoke Primary School

The Internet opens endless opportunities for learning, connecting, and socialising. But there is no
denying that online safeguarding threats are a growing concern for many school leaders, and it is
imperative that students are protected from harm in the online world as they are in the physical world.
When students are protected from harm, they can get the most out of the rich online learning content
that is available.
Impero Education Pro is a third party software suite that runs (in the background) on all of our electronic devices. It gives Stoke Primary School the tools we need to identify students at risk, prevent exposure
to inappropriate content, enforce acceptable use policies and keep students safe. The solution is
cross platform and works on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Android and Apple iOS (for
iPads etc).
Impero Education Pro is digital monitoring tool which encourages our students to act responsibly online,
while alerting us to potential risks. The product uses a comprehensive key word detection library
which is regularly updated with the latest slang terms, covering topics such as:
▪ Adult Content
▪ Anti-bullying and Trolling
▪ Counter-radicalisation, extremism, terrorism
▪ Drugs
▪ Eating Disorders
▪ Grooming
▪ Illegal Content
▪ LGBT derogatory language
▪ Racist language
▪ Self-Harm
▪ Sexting
▪ Suicide
▪ Weapons and Violence


We are able to create our own keyword list which can be tailored to our individual language needs.
When a keyword is detected, Impero Education Pro will take a screenshot or video of the user’s
device, so that we can see what was taking place when the event was triggered. This detail along
with the date and time and the student details, is logged.
Relevant staff are then notified through email, real time popups or a regularly scheduled summary
report. Staff can view the student’s previous captures and internet history, along with definitions of
any captured keywords, allowing relevant safeguarding activities to take place.
Finally, we can record the safeguarding action taken for future reference.
The system can also be further configured to set up for our needs such as configuring different policies for different groups of students – setting higher detection standards.