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Year 3 Roman Day - April 2023

Year 3 Had the most inspiring day. We arrived at school, dressed as Romans and were greeted by Lulius Marcellinus at his legionary camp. Lulius showed us about the different jobs that Romans would have in camp and we got to look at and learn about camp equipment. We found out about the 3 different reasons for the Roman Invasion (metals, slaves and land). Lulius even got one of us to dress up as a Roman Solider!

He then showed us how the Romans would have made fire using flint and steel - this is how they made the hardtack and bread. Later, we got to eat some, it wasn't to everyone's taste, only a few of us enjoyed it.

After playtime, we got to use some of the equipment and learn even more about Roman life. We got to grind some wheat to make flour, tried on the armour, wrote in a wax book with a stylus, played a Roman game, cleaned ourselves with olive oil and even tried out replica catapults! 

After lunch, we had to work in groups to figure out whether artefacts were Roman or not - we had to listen really carefully, because we had to give reasons for our answers. Finally, we went through our legionary training. We had to march in time, keeping our shields close together while chanting in Latin. We then used our training to create a testudo to help protect ourselves against the Celts in battle.

What a day!