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20-05-21 School approach to re-opening

Stoke Primary School

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Mr M Ascroft

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21st May 2020


Dear parents,


This week I have been finishing a plan to begin to reopen Stoke to your children.  The guidance has become clearer each day this week and I now have a working plan that will enable us to start to bring children back, in line with both Government guidance and more detailed guidance from Coventry City Council.


All plans still need the agreement of the Government to go ahead, which we may get on Thursday 28th May.  We then have a further Governors Meeting on 2nd June to verify a possible opening.  Please understand we are not able to confirm opening until these have taken place.


The guidance is clear that we will be focussing on our nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 children.  With these year groups we will be having a slow and phased integration back to school.  I will be writing to each year group separately to make parents aware of what will happen and how we intend to reopen for these classes.  Once we can confirm opening we will be in contact to obtain your feedback about school reopening and whether you will choose to use it for your child


The plan does mean that children will be in small groups no bigger than 10 children with a teacher and an LSA to support.  We will be working school differently and so some of the aspects of school the children are used to will be different.  I am however optimistic that the systems we will have in place will reassure you that we are taking the most care of safety for children and staff as we seek a way forwards.


If you have children in year 2, 3, 4 and 5 we will not be in a position to welcome them back to school at this time.  You children will continue to be able to access school work through the website.


I know this is a challenging time for everyone and please be reassured I am seeking to support the reopening of school as quickly as we can with in the guidance we are given.


Kind Regards



Mr Matthew Ascroft

Head Teacher