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20-07-13 Welcome to 6RM

Stoke Primary School

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Mr M Ascroft

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Hey guys!


So, the moment you have all been waiting for! You have no doubt been waiting and wondering for the past few weeks who your FINAL teacher at primary school is going to be… I could tell you now, but I think making you wait right until the end of this letter is far better!


By the time you come back to school in September, you will have had an entire FIVE AND A HALF MONTHS off school! That is probably the longest school holiday you will ever have in your life, so I hope you have been making the most of it and spending lots of time with your families. I have also had quite a long period of time off work, but over the past couple of weeks, I have been in school getting ready to welcome you all back in September. You will (hopefully) be excited to know that there will only be 20 of you in my class, as we are very lucky to have THREE teachers in year 6 next year! I am hoping this will give me the chance to get to know you all really well and be able to support you and your learning to prepare you for that big jump up to secondary school!


For those of you that haven’t just skipped to the bottom to find out who has written this letter, here are a few clues for you…

1) I LOVE animals!

2) Since being a teacher at Stoke Primary School, I have taught in Year 1 and Year 6

3) I look after science, eco and the young ambassadors


Have you guessed yet? I am really excited to meet you all and hopefully we are going to have a fantastic year together! Now I won’t lie to you, Year 6 is going to be hard work for everyone, but I have absolutely no doubt that you are all going to try your hardest and make yourselves incredibly proud. Sadly, we won’t get to have our transition day like normal, which is an opportunity for me to get to know you all a little bit. Because of this, I would like to ask 3 things of you all…


1) Enjoy your summer! Spend time with family and friends, explore lots of new places and make lots of memories.

2) Challenge yourself to complete a goal. It might be that you have always wanted to learn how to ride a bike, or do a handstand. Whatever it might be, push yourself to achieve that goal by the start of September.

3) Read. Any book. I will be asking each and every one of you to tell me all about the book you have read (bonus points if you read more than one!).


There is SO much to look forward to about Year 6: Dol-Y-Moch, the end of year play and (if you’re really good) your end of year trip! For those of you not sure about going to Dol-Y-Moch, PLEASE have a look on the school website at the pictures and information about it! It is my FAVOURITE place to go with my Year 6s, and it is an experience you will never forget. It would be absolutely AMAZING if I could take my whole class, so if you’re a bit unsure, be brave and go for it! I promise you will have the best time!

56 days to go until you are officially in 6RM!

Have a great summer!


Miss Morris

P.S, You will also get the lovely Miss Joyce as your teaching assistant!