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Autumn 1 - Fairytales

Embark on a magical journey into the enchanting realm of fairytales! The children will delve into the world of story, fostering creativity and expanding their vocabulary as they explore the captivating narratives of classic fairytales. Through engaging role play, they will step into the shoes of beloved characters, bringing the tales to life and enhancing their understanding of storytelling elements. As we journey through various fairytales, we will use our imagination to solve problems, such as crafting clever traps for trolls and overcoming magical obstacles. Join us on this adventure where the environment becomes a canvas for problem-solving and the children's skills transform into the tools they need to unlock the mysteries of fairytales.


Autumn 2 - What's Your Superpower?

Discover the extraordinary within as we embark on a quest to uncover our superpowers! Our journey begins with an exploration of the concept of heroes, both real and fictional. Children will delve into the lives of historical figures like Florence Nightingale, understanding the impact these real-life superheroes had on society. In literacy, they will soar into the world of fictional superheroes, exploring stories like 'Supertato' and the battle against the mischievous Evil Pea. As the adventure continues, we will turn our focus to our own identities and surroundings. We will embark on a local exploration, identifying key physical and human features in our community. Encouraged to reflect on their uniqueness, the children will reflect on their individual superpowers, fostering a sense of pride and self-awareness.


Spring 1 - Journeys

The children will build upon their knowledge of the past by learning about transport and how it has changed over the years. This topic will start with a trip to Coventry Transport Museum where the children will see a wide variety of transport and will be encouraged to observe and describe how bikes and cars in particular have changed over time. They will extend their vocabulary and will be able to describe key features of different vehicles. Children will build on their understanding of timelines and will learn to use the vocabulary past, present, distant past and near past accurately. Alongside this, the children will study another key significant person, Amelia Earhart. They will explore why she is famous, the challenge she set for herself, and consider if they set goals and dreams for themselves. Children will consider the way wheels and axels work and will have observed different varieties at the museum. This work will lead to them designing their own car and then making it out of cardboard and cutting and creating real wheels and axels. They will also use percussion instruments to compose a piece of music describing a journey, using the instruments to create a vivid picture in the imagination.


Spring 2 - Weather Watchers

Weather is all around us all of the time! In this topic, the children will learn about different weather types and will explore how they can become weather watchers, both observing and creating their own ways to measure different weather types. They will use maths for the both the measuring of shadows and for the volume of rainfall collected. They will develop their ICT skills by creating a weather blog on the school website. Children will consider how the weather affects what we wear and the activities we do. Children will consider the seasons in the UK and typical weather associated with each season. They will compare the weather in the UK with weather in a hot climate and the weather in a cold climate. Children will make their own weather instruments and will use these to create different types of weather soundscapes. They will investigate what other children in the school know and how they feel about the weather through questions and interviews. The topic will end with children creating their own videoed weather report in groups showcasing all their learning about the topic.