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Youth Mental Heath

Youth Mental Health and Well being is a key factor in all aspects of Stoke Primary School.  All policies and procedures place children at the forefront and seek to ensure pupils have a voice.  The work to revise and update our curriculum seeks to support children as integral to their learning.  We also have a strong program of Protective Behaviours and well being discussion to ensure all our children feel comfortable talking about their feelings.


Stoke Primary School considers the role of Mental Well being to be a shared responsibility and has trained a significant team of staff in Youth Mental Health First Aid.  We currently have fifteen staff who are trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid. They are


Mrs L Pater - DHT

Miss E Collins

Miss S Morris

Miss K Joyce

Miss KE Joyce

Mr C Morrow

Miss A Hughes

Miss S Reeves

Mrs P Maguire

Mrs M Burns

Mrs J Brown

Mrs Rowland

Mrs Daniels

Mrs N Taylor