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22-07-04 - School Letter

Stoke Primary School

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Mr M Ascroft

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4th July 2022

Dear Parents and Carers


This week we are holding our Transition Week.  This is a chance for your children to spend time with their new teachers and getting used to new expectations as they get older.


The week will be a chance for teachers to get to know all the children through a range of lessons and activities.


At the end of this term we will be saying good bye to some staff.  Mr Bennett and Miss Ward will be leaving us to take up new roles in another school in the city.  Mrs Brooker will also be leaving us to take up a specialist SEND support role for Solihull Council.


We have already appointed Miss Reeves who will join us in Year 2.  We are running further recruitment's to complete our staff team ready for the new school year.


Below are the staff teams in each year group.  Your child’s teacher will write to you to share more information about the class, topics and getting ready for September.


Nursery - Mrs Lapworth, Mrs Sargent, Mrs Tindall

Reception Class – Miss Collins, Miss Hughes, Mrs Beech, Miss Rigley

Year 1 Team – Miss Joyce, Mrs Haywood, Mrs Brown, Miss Russell

Year 2 – Miss Burns, Miss Reeves, Mrs Wootton, Miss Kennedy

Year 3 – Mrs Morris, Miss Warsame, Mrs Mohammed, Mrs Sagoo

Year 4 – Mrs Maguire, Miss Bredin, Mr Hammond

Year 5 – Mrs Elward, Mrs Daniels, Mrs Homer, Mrs Daniels

Year 6 – Mr Morrow, Mrs Noone - Mrs Taylor, Miss Joyce, Miss Ashford


Transition is a good time to learn new routines and break old habits.  Please make sure all your children arrive on time so they can make the most of this time.  Gates close at 8.55am.


Yours Sincerely


Mathew Ascroft

Head Teacher