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21-01-25 Reception Letter

Stoke Primary School

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Reception Home Learning

Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your hard work and support with home learning over the last few weeks. Our routine has now been established, which we hope will enable you to fit in home learning around the ongoing bustle of family life.  You should have received your child’s individual timetable including the days and times for their Zoom sessions, so please take a look, specifically for 1:1 reading sessions or interventions your child should attend.




As you will now be aware, lessons are uploaded daily onto the school website.   There are 4 different sections, which have videos for children to watch and activities to be completed with support where necessary.   We understand that some parents are still working through lockdown, but please encourage your child to do the maths, phonics and theme work and make time for this in your routine, as it is important children do not miss out on key aspects of their learning. We hope that the short videos are manageable to work through and that children are having plenty of time for free play.


Once your child has completed their activities for the day, please continue to send photos of the work to Reception@stoke.coventry.sch.uk using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.  We will then assess how children are getting on and add photos to their learning journals.  Once we have returned to school, we hope to be able to share their learning journals with you, as it is an ongoing record of the progress children are making and we are proud of what they are achieving.


Our ‘Winter Wonderland‘ theme is coming to end this week, but we have certainly been lucky with some light snowfall and some very chilly mornings to help us with our understanding of the world. It has been lovely to see the photos and short video clips you have been able to send in and have really enjoyed seeing children during Zoom sessions and sharing the learning with families.  We will be introducing our new topic on the Reception class page and in the theme lesson on Monday.  You may also have spotted some home learning awards on the school Facebook page- we will be posting certificates out regularly to our star home learners- keep your eyes on the post box!




A couple of requests:

  • Please remember that it is important for us to see what your child can do and this means if they are for example, writing a word independently, it is okay for children to attempt this and it only have the initial sound correct or have the wrong letters to represent a sound- this shows us what we need to cover in future and you would be amazed at what we can understand.
  • If children are talking about their learning/ knowledge/understanding, jot down a sentence or two, written as they said it, to include in the email to us- this really helps with the communication and language aspects of the curriculum. For example, We talked about our winter walk.  H said, “it is cold and I need my gloves cause it is icy’.
  • On Zoom calls, please ensure your child attends the sessions promptly. It is difficult to admit people if they are late to the session, also running late means your child misses out on learning time. If you are still having difficulties accessing Zoom please email us and we will help you get this sorted.


Yours sincerely

The Reception Team