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Welcome Back

Week 1 and what a week it has been!  We are so pleased with the way our children have returned to school.  The work they started in Transition Week, last July, has enabled everyone to kick start this term off.  Across school we have seen children immersed in Super Heroes, Pirates, exploring the Weird and Wonderful World, Myths and Legends, Magic and Unexplained Mysteries.


We have also welcomed all our new Reception children.  They have started the term with so much confidence and energy, we cannot wait to see what they can achieve this year.


We appreciate that returning to more normal aspects of school may have been daunting for you with all the aspects of the pandemic we have coped with.  In school we are delighted with the respect everyone has for each other and the way we are all working with the new rules designed to keep us safe.


We are working hard over the next week to re establish our Breakfast Club for you. We will also be writing to with a variety of after school club opportunities.  These will change each half term but hopefully give our children new experiences beyond the curriculum we teach.


Please put 30th September in your diary for our Harvest Festival.  This will be a chance to celebrate Harvest with songs and poems.  We will also be offering tea and biscuits for you to enjoy with your children and a chance to find out more about the work your children have been completing in these first weeks.


If you have any questions please contact the school office or email them using office@stoke.coventry.sch.uk