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Health & Safety Policy

Stoke Primary School
Health & Safety Policy

Date Reviewed by Governors

Spring 2015

Date of Next Review

Spring 2017
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Policy Aim, Objective & Statement



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Roles and Responsibilities General




Head Teacher


Senior Leadership Team























Coventry City Council's Health and Safety Policy Document details its commitment to effective and successful health and safety management.  It contains a statement of intent, together with organisation, details of the arrangements and monitoring systems for Health and Safety management which must be in place for Coventry City Council establishments, including schools and can be found on their website Coventry.gov.uk


The Council's Health and Safety Policy is central to an understanding that health and safety and must feature prominently in all aspects of the operation of each school in order to ensure compliance with the health and safety legislation. 


In addition, Ofsted requires schools to hold various other documents relating to health and safety.


This policy relates to Stoke Primary School and will ensure compliance with Coventry City Council's Health and Safety Policy and Ofsted requirements by establishing clearly defined roles, responsibilities and arrangements at a local level.


There are five parts to this Policy:-



Aim, objective and statement

Declaration of intent by the Chair of Governors/ Head Teacher



The management structure and defining of roles and responsibilities



The procedures and systems necessary for implementing the Policy. 



The system for auditing the effectiveness of the arrangements and for reviewing health and safety performance.



Associated documents, procedures and risk assessments detailing the arrangements



Policy Aim

To be a school where everyone can undertake their roles and responsibilities and fulfil their potential free from work related or education related injury or ill health; this includes all school staff, agency staff, peripatetic staff, volunteers, pupils, partners and others who may be affected by our work activities. 


Policy Objectives

  • to conduct all our activities safely and in compliance with legislative standards
  • to provide safe working and learning conditions 
  • to ensure a systematic approach to the identification of risks and the allocation of resources to control them
  • to be a school that promotes a positive health and safety culture that is demonstrated by open communication and a shared commitment to the importance of health, safety and welfare
  • to promote the principles of sensible risk management which enables innovation and learning


Policy Statement

Stoke Primary School recognises and accepts its responsibility as an employer and provider of services and will provide a safe and healthy workplace and learning environment for all staff, pupils and such other persons as may be affected by its activities. 


Stoke Primary School will adopt health and safety arrangements in line with Coventry City Council's Health and Safety Policy and will strive to meet and adhere to all relevant health and safety legislation and to Coventry City Council policies and procedures.


Good health and safety management will be an integral part of the way that the school operates and will be considered across all work activities and across the wide range of educational activities delivered.

Stoke Primary School will ensure that we have access to competent technical advice on health and safety matters to assist us in meeting our objectives; we will do this by:

  • accessing the services of a competent Health and Safety Advisor, or
  • having a service level agreement with the City Council's Health and Safety Services Team. 


The school will:

  • Seek to ensure that its buildings, grounds, plant and equipment meet appropriate health and safety standards. 
  • Promote health and safety training to ensure competence and awareness
  • Develop and communicate information on sensible risk management and safe working practices. 
  • Require all employees and encourage and support all pupils to show a proper personal concern for their own safety, for that of the people around them through management example, through joint consultation, within the delivery of the curriculum and through pastoral care.
  • Require staff to exercise due care and attention, and observe safe working methods, including those inherent in their professional craft or training.


Stoke Primary School will adopt a planned risk based approach to health and safety management based on the principles of sensible risk management.  This will involve:

  • Assessment of hazards and associated risks
  • Identification and implementation of preventive and protective control measures against those risks to an acceptable/ tolerable level
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of those measures including the enforcement of proper working practices by the senior leadership team and other supervising staff members and the review of incident statistics
  • Including health and safety requirements/responsibilities into contract conditions which will be enforced by the governing body, senior leadership team and other supervising staff members
  • Provision of information, instruction, training and protective equipment to staff (and pupils where required)
  • Review of risk assessments, policies, procedures and practices at regular interval and where additional information is gained through monitoring or following an incident.


It is a requirement of Stoke Primary School that this policy statement and its implications are understood and acted upon by all staff, governors and other relevant persons within the school.  Linked to this policy statement are documents recording the organisational arrangements and procedures by which we will ensure that this policy is implemented. 


Copies of the policy will be issued to all staff, governors and will be available on the website or from the School Office with the master copy held by the School Business Manager/SSO on behalf of the Head Teacher and Governing Body. 


This Policy was approved by the Head Teacher and the Governing Body of Stoke Primary School on the 12th  February 2015.  It will be reviewed on or before Spring Term 2017. 





Roles and Responsibilities


The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and subordinate legislation states that all employees have health and safety responsibilities when at work.  Although some duties and responsibilities may be delegated, accountability for health, safety and welfare at work is not transferable and cannot be evaded. 


Stoke Primary School is a community school whereby the employer is the Local Authority (LA).  Whilst the LA is responsible as the employer to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation, the Head Teacher and governors  have management responsibilities to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees, pupils, visitors and contractors and the self employed.  The senior leadership team and the governing body as the management body will ensure that school staff and premises comply with both Coventry City Council and local health and safety policies and practices.



The Education Reform Act 1996 has given school governors important powers and duties in controlling school premises and management of schools, including health and safety responsibilities towards staff, pupils, service users, contractors and visitors.


Stoke Primary School's governing body has the responsibility for ensuring that reasonable measures are put in place to ensure the health and safety and welfare of employees, pupils, visitors and other people affected by the establishment’s activities.  To this end the governing body will:

  • produce a school health and safety policy and devise appropriate procedures for managing health and safety related issues
  • implement the policies of Coventry City Council and any agreed local policies or procedures where appropriate
  • as part of their decision making, take into account the costs of implementing the health and safety policies, seeking and setting aside reasonable funding for their implementation
  • receive and action regular and routine health and safety reports from the Head Teacher to enable it to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the health and safety management systems
  • ensure when awarding contracts that health and safety is included in specifications and contract conditions taking account Coventry City Council policy and procedures
  • ensure that the school has access to competent health and safety advice



Head Teacher

The Head Teacher will comply with Coventry City Council’s health and safety policy and in particular will:

  • Visibly support the Children, Learning and Young People Directorate's health and safety arrangements, work with trade union and employee health and safety representatives and ensure that all employees are aware of and accountable for their specific health and safety responsibilities and duties
  • Ensure health and safety policies, procedures, action plan and risk management programme is implemented as an integral part of business, operational planning and service delivery
  • Support accident and incident investigations, review reports and statistics, utilise information on trends and hot spots
  • Undertake monitoring and ensure the provision of adequate resources to achieve compliance
  • Ensure that local procedures for the selection and monitoring of contractors are in place and meet the requirements of Coventry City Council's policy and procedures
  • Ensure that the school has access to competent health and safety advice


The Children, Learning and Young People's Director and School Governing Body place responsibility on the Head Teacher to achieve the objectives of the health and safety policy.  The Head Teacher will ensure that all necessary health and safety activities, requirements and standards are undertaken and met within their area of control.


In addition to their statutory duties, Heads and Teachers have a common law duty of care for pupils which stems from their position in law “in loco parentis”.


Senior Leadership Team

The leadership team at Stoke Primary School will undertake general responsibility to ensure that all necessary health and safety activities, requirements and standards are undertaken and met within their respective areas of control.  This will be done under the direction of the Head TeacherSpecifically the Deputy Head and Assistant Head Teachers, Business Manager, Site Services Officer and any other member of staff with supervisory responsibilities will:

  • Identify hazards, initiate risk assessments, record the significant findings and implement any necessary control measures
  • Check and document that the working environment is safe; equipment, products and materials are used safely; that health and safety procedures are effective and complied with and that any necessary remedial action is taken
  • Inform, instruct, train, supervise and communicate with employees and provide them with equipment, materials and clothing as is necessary to enable them to work safely; to complete the health and safety induction checklist for all new employees at the commencement of their employment
  • Report all accidents, incidents and near miss events, undertake an investigation into the cause and take appropriate remedial action to prevent recurrence



All employees, agency and peripatetic workers and contractors must comply with the school's health and safety policy and associated arrangements and in particular are required to:

  • Take reasonable care for their own health and safety at work and of those who may be affected by their actions or by their omissions
  • Cooperate with their line manager and senior management to work safely, to comply with health and safety instructions and information and undertake appropriate health and safety training as required
  • Not  intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare
  • Report to their manager any health and safety concerns, hazardous condition or defect in the health and safety arrangements
  • Support the school in embedding a positive safety culture that extends to the pupils of the school and any visitors to the site


The following arrangements will be adopted to ensure that Governors and the Head Teacher fulfil their responsibilities and provide the foundation for securing the health and safety of employees, and all users of the site.


Setting health and safety objectives

The Governors and the Head Teacher will specifically review progress of health and safety objectives at the termly meeting of the Governing Body (this may be included as part of the Head Teachers report to governors).  Where necessary health and safety improvements will be identified and included within the school action plan.


Provision of effective health and safety training

The Head Teacher and Governors will consider health and safety training on an annual basis in line with the school's health and training matrix focussing on mandatory training as a priority. 


Provision of an effective joint consultative process

The school health and safety committee will meet at least once per term.  This committee will report to the Head Teacher and Governors, who will ensure that concerns are considered and addressed within a clear action plan, with identified responsibilities and target dates.  The committee membership will include (as a minimum) member of the senior leadership team, a member of teaching staff, a member of support staff, the site services officer, a governor and trade union representatives (where applicable shared site users)


Specialist advice and support

Specialist advice and support will be obtained from Coventry City Council's Health and Safety Services team, as required.  Where necessary, health and safety issues will be escalated to the Children, Learning and Young People's directorate Health and Safety Committee or to an appropriate Head Teacher forum.


Establishing adequate health and safety communication channels

Communication channels will be established for the exchange of health and safety knowledge and information.  Where necessary, these communications will be recorded and include:-

  • Senior leadership team meetings and staff meetings;
  • Site health and safety committee (or forum where health and safety matters are discussed);
  • Provision of information relating to safe systems of work and risk assessments;
  • Training provided
  • Communication of health and safety bulletins or information from Health and Safety Services
  • Communications with relevant specialist advisors and Children, Learning and Young People's committees and bodies.


Where health and safety issues cannot be resolved at local level, they will be escalated through the management structure as appropriate.


Involvement of pupils

Schools may choose to include health and safety items as an agenda item on school council meetings, where these exist.


Financial resources

The Governors along with the Head Teacher will review the school budget to determine, in the light of past performance, if adequate resources are being deployed to ensure adequate health and safety management and control.


Other arrangements

The following Specific site arrangements (Guides, Procedures & Risk assessments) can be found in the relevant folder in the School Business Manger’s Office.



Fire risk assessment and emergency procedures

First aid risk assessment and procedures

Risk assessments for all staff and curriculum activities

Procedures for the reporting and investigating of accidents, near miss incidents, work related Ill health and assaults

Procedures for manual handling and associated risk assessments

Procedures for lone working and dealing with violence and aggression and associated risk assessments

Procedures for work at height

Use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Procedures for educational visits and associated documentation

Procedures for the management of stress

Procedures for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Procedures for the selection and management of contractors

Procedures for the management of asbestos

Procedures for the management of legionella

Procedures for driving and use of transport

Procedures for work at height

Procedures for site security

Site inspections

Premises management/statutory inspections




This Health and Safety Policy together with the associated procedures and health and safety performance, will be reviewed by the Governors and Head Teacher on a regular basis (every two years as a minimum), or as required. 


In order to substantiate that health and safety standards are actually being achieved, the school will measure performance against pre-determined plans and objectives.  Any areas where the standards are not being met will require remedial action. 


The school will use different types of systems to measure health and safety performance:

Active monitoring systems:

  • Spot checks and termly site inspections will be undertaken
  • Documents relating to the promotion of the health and safety culture will be  regularly examined and reviewed
  • Appropriate statutory inspections on premises, plant and equipment will be undertaken
  • Where necessary, health surveillance and environmental monitoring systems will be implemented to check the effectiveness of health control methods and to detect early signs of harm to health.


Reactive monitoring systems:

  • Identifying where health and safety standards are not being met, by monitoring for failures in the systems - such as accidents, cases of ill health (work-related sickness), damage to property, etc


Reporting and response systems:

  • ensuring that monitoring information is received, having regard to situations which create an immediate risk to health or safety, as well as longer-term trends and ensuring remedial action is taken
  • School health and safety committee, Governing Body and Senior Leadership team will all receive and consider reports on health and safety performance


Investigation systems:

  • Prioritising investigation of incidents which indicate the greatest risk and the identification of both the immediate and the underlying causes of events
  • Analysing data to identify common features or trends and initiate improvements
  • Where cases of occupational ill-health are to be investigated
  • Where complaints relating to occupational health and safety are to be recorded and investigated
  • Where accidents/incidents and assaults with the potential to cause injury, ill-health or loss are to be reported, recorded and appropriately investigated


Third Party Monitoring/ Inspection

The school will be subject to third party inspection and monitoring, as follows:-

  • City Council Health and Safety Services Audit every two years
  • As part of Ofsted requirements


Actions arising from third party audit/inspection will be incorporated within the school action plan with appropriate target dates for completion.


Stoke Primary School Health and Safety Arrangements




Support Staff