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Yr 6 trip to the Transport Museum

On the 8th October, all three year 6 classes went on a trip to the Coventry Transport Museum, the Herbert Art Gallery, and the Old Cathedral (In one trip). We  were allowed to bring money to spend at a gift shop at the Herbert Art Gallery.

At the Art Gallery, we were taken to a room containing a few World War 2 artefacts including a real bomb from the War. In the room, there were several vintage artefacts from the war. This included a real Airl6 Raid Siren, a fire bucket, a water pump, an incendiary bomb, a scoop, a painting and gas masks.

When the Year 6 classes were lead to the room, we were asked about what we knew about the war already. After that we were told that the wind up machine was actually an Air Raid Siren. 2 children out of the three classes were able to wind up the siren, which was extremely loud. We were also given an interesting task of picking two leaders from the groups, which was to show what, would happen if a fire would be created. The fire operator, who wore a red helmet, would have a bucket and a pump with them. They could not always get to the scene with a fire truck.  


When the Blitz began, there were potholes in the ground so the fire would get stuck. Therefore, fire officers had to walk to the scene, get a bucket of water and use a pump and a hose to spray the water onto the fire. Volunteers would change the buckets so that there would be water.
There was also another bucket and a scoop on the table to be for making incendiary bombs safe. If one of these bombs were dropped and did not explode then the police officers, who wore a white hat, would have to use the scoop to get the bomb safely inside the scoop and then get it into bucket containing sand because they would not damage anything. Then, the Year 6’s were shown an adults gas mask, a children’s gas mask and a baby or infant’s gas mask. An adult’s gas mask would be a  regular mask that had nothing interesting to it. A children’s mask would be the same but smaller and brightly coloured for entertainment purposes. A baby’s mask would be a suit that would hold the whole baby rather than covering the face.

Later On, the instructor showed us to an Anderson Shelter and an underground shelter, which would have been a cellar in the war times but had to be changed. As well as that we were allowed to roam free and look at different artefacts from the war times.  
After that, we were taken to the Coventry Transport Museum, where we saw a real 1 ton WWII bomb. At first, we were taken through to a blitz experience where they stored a bomb from the war and an air raid siren plays. After that we were taken to a mini classroom, where we split into 4 groups. In turns, we passed around headlight covers for a vehicle and a bicycle, an incendiary bomb, 2 helmets and a few other artefacts. After that, we discussed what these objects were and why and how they were used. After the session, we were given the opportunity to adventure the World War 2 exhibition on our own. Therefore, we were allowed to explore without restrictions (for about 10 minutes).
After that, we went to the Old Cathedral and drew sketches of parts of the ruins of the area for approximately 10 minutes. After this, we were back on the coach on our way back to the school.

It was a great trip.

We asked some people about what they thought of the trip. Here are the responses…
Anonymous: I thought it was very exciting. Did not like wearing a fire officers suit.
Matuesz: It was fun

Anonymous: Fun and Educational
Zain: Pretty good trip
Rayn: Enjoyed it