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Year 6s trip to Kingsbury Water Park 11th January 2014


On Wednesday 11th January 2014, Year6 went on atrip to Kingsbury Water Park in Tamworth.
We went as part of our topic, ‘Power of Water’. On the day, we spent our time looking at the nature around us that we don’t often see in our everyday lives. During the morning, 6N went to learn about the River Tame that travelled through the West Midlands. It also went through Kingsbury. We went orientering and located the River Tame.

The rangers, who taught us at the park,introduced us to some new words that we didn’t know before such as:
Tributary, Confluence, Meander,Banks, Current and channel. These are all involved with Rivers. A tributary is a river that joins another stream to make a larger river. A confluence is when a tributary joins a larger stream and becomes an even bigger river. A meander is the turn of a river, and the bends it forms.
There are also more words you can find out about rivers.

Meanwhile, 6W were learning abut Birds and since they were doing the topic of birds, they got a tour around the park to go bird watching, by two other rangers. Bird watching was also fun, not so many birds appeared however, a White Egret was spotted in the morning flying across the park.


Later at around 11:45am, we had lunch. After that everyone went to the gift shop with a maximum of £3.00. There were great things in the shop such as: magnets, stationary,sweets and chocolates, and much, much more. We all had a great time, and would hope to visit again some time soon. This trip was a great experience of nature. All these educational lessonsseemed exciting. Kingsbury water park is FANTASTIC!

Written by: Shiven Chudasama 6N