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Year 6’s Transport museum and The Herbert museum &art gallery trip October 2013

In the second week of October, Year 6 went on a trip to the Transport museum in town, Also to The Herbert museum to learn about, ‘World War II’.


They enjoyed it very much as they travelled by bus and explored new things that were very exciting and some things that were very bizarre!


6N first went to the Transport museum, at 10:00am sharp. They also got themselves a tour around the museum by a lady who works there.

World War II was a devastating time and very sad to hear about. Coventry was one of the worst cities to be destroyed during WW2, in Great Britain including others such as: Liverpool, Birmingham, Swansea, Cardiff, London, Bristol, Southampton and Plymouth.


Many countries and cities were bombed and houses destroyed, which led to people dying and losing their lives. Whilst 6N were in the Transport museum, 6W were in the Herbert museum & art gallery. In the Herbert art gallery there are other things to see and learn about, not just about WW2. There were lots to explore and find out!


They include things from generations and generations such as: the Romans, Medieval times, The Stuarts, the Saxons and Vikings age also much, much more!


 You must go there to see more and read lots of things. Year 6 had a great time and learnt lots more about the history of Britain. Now!

Who said history is a boring subject then?

Written by: Shiven