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Year 3s trip to St Michaels Church on the 20th January 2014

Year 3’s trip to St Michael's Church


Year 3 went to St Michae'ls Church as part of their RE topic ‘Special and Sacred Places.’ This was on 20th January.
At the church, they learnt many interesting facts. First John (The vicar) talked to them about what they do at a church, how people pray and about weddings.
Afterwards, the children had a look around the church. They saw the Bell tower and organ. The children had a great day.
Salma said: “We learnt a lot of new things about a church.”
Brandon said: “It was very fun and I loved it.” Tyler said: “I loved learning about the organs and music in the church.”
To find out more why not visit St Michael's  website


St Michael's Church