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WW2 visit Year 6W


WW2 Visitors to 6W

On Friday 10th October, 6W had two special guests who were Mrs Wheeler’s parents, who told us about the Second World War. They also told us about what happened and how their lives were affected.


Mr Jones (Mrs Wheeler’s dad) told us many stories. One of them was about when his grandma was very ill. He said “Me and my sister always used to walk to my grans house to keep her company over night. A little way down our street, there was a huge gap in the street that we were petrified of. It used to be a house but it was bombed out at the start of the war. You could hear a pin drop. It was that quiet. We ran all the way to her house after that and it was very far away. Next we slept over at her house all night long. The next morning we went to school was 4 miles away!” Mr Jones’ gran was very unwell during the war so every day Mr Jones and his sister had to go to her house! Imagine that every day!


Mr Jones also told us another story which was slightly after the war. It was when rationing had just finished as well. His mum gave Allin (Mr Jones) a banana. Allin was so confused. He didn’t know what it was! He had never seen a banana in his life! His mother had told him to eat it but Allin didn’t know what do. So without peeling the banana he ate it! He pulled a discussed face. All his family started to laugh. When his family told him what he had done he went bright red.


Now I will tell you about Mrs Jones. Her story was during the time of rationing. Mrs Jones was out one day with her friends playing on a wall. Unfortunately she fell of and was rushed to hospital. After two days she was told that she could be let out. Back at home, her aunts and mum had been saving up their very own ration vouchers to buy some sweets for her. So when she got back she was in for a treat. Mrs Jones said “It was like Christmas with presents everywhere!” This was one of her favourite memories.


Their visit was great and we all enjoyed it very much.


By Dayah Sagoo 6W