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Weekly news from year 1

Week Beginning 13th July 2020

Hi every one, the children in the year 1 bubble that are in school have had another exciting week under the sea. So here is your home learning pack for next week. This will be the last pack as next Monday 20th July will be the start of your summer holidays. So enjoy and have a lovely holiday. See you soon and stay safe.

Year 1 team

Home Learning Pack 6.7.20

Week Beginning - 6th July 2020


Hello to all the year 1 home learners. Its been another exciting week in year 1. Our theme for this week has been about pirates. The children in school have been doing lots of exciting things to do with pirates, so now it is your turn at home to put on your pirate hat and sail the Stoke seas to do your best work.

29.6.20 Home Learning Pack


Hello awesome year 1 children. This week saw some our year one children back in school. They have had a great week of learning. So this weeks home learning is all about what we have been learning in school with the year one children. Home learning has changed so there will no longer be any purple mash work in the folder, but feel free to still use it if you want to.

Thank you

Year 1 team

w.c 22.6.20

Hello everyone.  We hope you are all well. I know some of you will be coming back to school next week. You probably have mixed feelings about coming back but I think that once you are back in school you will be surprised at how quickly you settle back in.  I have been in school this week working with a small group of Reception children and I must say it has been a very rewarding week for all and the children soon settled back in and have been enjoying being at school.

For those of you that are at home, Miss Lewis and I have set up some more home learning for you. There  are no Purple Mash activities set this week but remember you can still choose activities on there yourselves to do.  Miss Lewis and I will be in touch with you all to see how you are getting on this week and to tell you about a new approach to home learning that will start after this week.

Take care everyone.

Mrs Brown & Miss Lewis

w.c 15.6.20


Hello everyone.  We hope you are all keeping well and doing lots of lovely activities with your families.  Miss Lewis and I have set some different work this week and only a couple of things are on Purple Mash as we know some of you are less enthusiastic about Purple Mash now.  Remember though if you do like Purple Mash there are loads of activities on there; you don't have to just do work that we have set. Please email us via Purple Mash if you have any questions or contact the school office.

Take care.

Mrs Brown and Miss Lewis

w.c 8.6.20

Hi Year One. How are you all? It has certainly got colder this week and the sun seems to have disappeared! I did manage to have a BBQ on Monday though with my family before the weather changed and it was lovely to see my oldest daughter who I have not been able to see for a while.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you too again when that is possible.

I hope you are all getting on well at home and that you are managing to do some school work each day.  I bet some of those yellow books are full now. It was good to see a couple of you accessing Purple Mash that have not done so before this week.  There is still time for others of you who have not accessed Purple Mash to go on there - there are loads of different and fun learning activities that you can access on there as well as tasks that Miss Lewis and I have set.  I wonder how you are all getting on with White Rose Maths? The lessons I have looked at look really good as there are lots of visuals to explain concepts.

Take care everyone.

Mrs Brown

w.c: 1.6.20

Hi Year One.  I hope you have all had a good week.  The weather has been glorious! I have been out with my daughter today on a bike ride enjoying the sun and some beautiful countryside.  I wonder if some of you have been out cycling too? I have also been out in the garden planting bedding plants which are starting to flower and doing lots of walking.  

Both myself and Mrs Lewis are thinking of you all lots and wondering what you are doing.  We have had some conversations on 2email via Purple Mash with some of you and seen some great storytelling work from those of you completing tasks on Purple Mash.  I know lots of you will have been writing in your yellow books and we look forward to seeing your work too as soon as we can.

We have set some work for this week for you. If you have any questions remember you can message us via Purple Mash or contact the school office and they will pass on your message.

Take care all.

Mrs Brown

w.c 18.5.20


Hi everyone, hope you are keeping well and have had a good week.  As well as working from home, I have been doing some baking this week and have made some bread rolls and some chocolate cakes.  I was really pleased with my rolls as the first time I made bread it was soggy in the middle, this time they were perfect.  It just proves that if you keep trying you will get it right in the end. I wonder if you have been doing some baking this week?

I can see lots of you have been working hard on Purple Mash and I have seen some lovely story writing.  I know lots of you are also writing in your yellow books and Miss Lewis and I are looking forward to seeing that work when we are back at school.  I wonder if you have been making puppets and dioramas to go with our Little Red Riding Hood project?

I hope you are getting on well with the Maths lessons on White Rose.  This week Miss Lewis has set some more work on there for you.

Stay safe everyone and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


Mrs Brown and Miss Lewis

Hi everyone, I thought I would put a message to you all on today ready for next week because, as you may be aware, tomorrow is VE Day. 

Mrs Burns has kindly put lots of information about why we are celebrating VE Day and ideas of things to make, on this school website.  You just need to go onto the children's section and scroll to the bottom to Special Celebrations.

In this weeks work we have included Maths work for you to do from the White Rose website instead of Purple Mash (there is a link on the sheet for you to click).  We use this a lot at school and there are some good activities to support your learning.

I hope lots of you managed to see our message to you all on Facebook. We are all missing school and looking forward to seeing you again.

The Year One Team

W.C: 4.5.20

Well I cannot believe we are in May already! I hope that you all enjoyed the Easter break and have managed to get back into a work routine this week. 

It was lovely to speak to lots of you this week and to see how you are getting on.  I hope that more of you will be able to get onto Purple Mash now that Miss Lewis and I have had chance to speak to your parents and explain how to get on it, if you were not sure.  If you do not have access to the internet do not worry there are lots of activities which you can do on our weekly work sheet which do not involve using a computer or having access to the internet.

In addition, I don't know if you are aware but many of the museums and zoos have webcams which you can use for free.  It is a good way of looking round different places without visiting them.  For those of you that enjoyed our dinosaur project, why not take a look at the dinosaurs at The National History museum? There is a link below of the top virtual tours for you.

If you need any help with anything please call or email the school and we will be pleased to help you.


Kind regards


Mrs Brown & Miss Lewis

wc 27.4.20

Hi all, hope you have all had a good Easter Break.  The weather has been lovely and both myself and Mrs Lewis have been out in our gardens planting and weeding as well as going out for walks in our local area. 


We are missing you all and wondering what you have all been doing over Easter.  I know Mrs Burns put some lovely creative Easter activity ideas on Facebook, I hope some of you have been enjoying doing some of those.  It would be lovely to hear from you - maybe you could put some pictures of your creative activities on Facebook or email us on Purple Mash (type 2email in the search box)?  I did notice that Adam from 1KL had put a photo of a great dinosaur he had created on the school Facebook page - well done Adam!


We have set you some more work for this week (see below), including some Purple Mash activities. Some of you may know that the BBC have started putting lessons on daily which can be found on the red button or the iPlayer under  BBC Bitesize, they have some that are specific for 5-7 year olds - take a look if you have not done already, they look very good.


Take care everyone and stay in touch


Mrs Brown and Mrs Lewis


Hi to all the children in year 1.  Another week has gone by and we can see on purple mash that you have been working hard. Well done to everyone, even if you cannot get purple mash. Here is your work for this week. Don't forget it is good Friday this week so there are some Easter activities that you can do over the next 2 weeks. As always have fun and stay safe.

Year 1 team.

Home Learning 6.4.20

30.3.20   A message from Mrs Brown


Hi everyone. I am working from home this week and will be adding suggested activities for you to do to the school website.  I hope you are all working through your yellow book and getting on okay with the various activities in there.  Please make sure you are doing some English/phonics learning every day.  After that you can choose to do any of the other activities or have a go at some of the other work Miss Lewis has put on here for this week.

Please use your time also to engage in fun activities with your family and to learn new skills which we do not get chance to do with you at school such as cooking, gardening, making your bed and learning to tie your own show laces.


If you wish to contact me you can go onto Purplemash and type in '2email' in the search  column on the right hand side (I will be putting some English work on there for you today also).


Take care everyone


Mrs Brown


Hi to all the children in 1KL, I hope you are all keeping safe and well. I have been missing you all, but I have been busy in sorting work for you this week that I hope you will enjoy. How are you getting on with your work that was set for you in your yellow book. Remember to keep practising the basic maths skills and the phonics sounds that you were given on flash cards. 

This week I have set you some Maths work on purple mash as well as some work in the maths folder on this website. I have also set you some English work on purple mash on the 2do folder or go to topics dinosaurs, there are some great activities on there for you to try. 

Art and design this week is to create your own Jurassic park. You can either make or draw your dinosaurs create a fact file for them, then place them in different rooms around your house and then create a map of your park, so members of your family can look round your park. Have fun!!!!

Miss Lewis


1MB 27.3.20

Monday 23rd March 2020

Hello to all the year 1 children. We hope you and all your families are ok. Keep checking the school website for additional resources and activities to do while you are at home. We hope you are all getting on ok with your home learning pack. stay safe.

from the year 1 team.