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Week 6 (WB 11.05.20)

Hi Reception,


There are some lovely activities all about FOOD below.  The weather isn't expected to be as nice as it has been, so this week would be a good week to do some cooking with your families.  It would be great to see what you have been getting up to, so add photos to the Facebook page showing us your creations.  We have also linked in the VE day activities in case you ran out of time last week- Mrs Burns has been busy gathering resources for you to look at.  We are running out of 2dos to set on Purple Mash that are specific to Reception, but take a look at look and see if there are any creative drawing activities you fancy having a go at. Miss Dulai is going to add some maths games below and there are always phonics activities to keep you busy. 


Have a lovely week.  We have enjoyed seeing the work children have sent or uploaded- keep it up!


Mrs Haines and Miss Dulai

Addition using leaves!

Addition using leaves! 1
Here is a great idea for addition... all you need are some leaves (or anything else you can find in the garden) This is an example of something you can do to engage the children in adding. You don't need paper and glue just use the leaves on there own. Play around with these ideas and utilise things you have in the house or in the garden smiley