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Week 12

This week we have been learning about Pirates!

On Monday morning we walked into the classroom and found golden coins and a map. We followed the map all the way to the mud kitchen. We all dug deep and found more golden coins and jewels hidden in the ground. Look at the pirate costumes we have made using junk modelling and creative things. We are having a pirate party of Friday and we cannot wait to share the photos with you. Keep your eyes peeled to this page and facebook.

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Pirate Week

L made an eye patch for the pirate party.
M reading a book.
J looking at the illustrations.
L having a go at a pirate jigsaw.
J writing her name from memory.
L drawing a face on the pirate.
L found number 6 on the playground.
J carefully turning the pages.
J set up his own obstacle and jumped off/
L's pirate face
L playing with the playdough.
Pretending to be pirates.
A drawing the features on the pirate face.
J's bandana.
J's pirate face.
A pressing the playdough.
L made up his own story.
The boys took turns on the obstacle they set up.
J looking carefully at the pictures in the book.
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