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Treatment of Threadworms

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A case of threadworms has been reported in school.


This information sheet gives you advice and information regarding threadworms.


Approximately 40% of primary school age children will get threadworms at some stage. They can

easily infect the whole family. Threadworms do not cause serious damage but they are irritating and

can be distressing and embarrassing for the sufferer.


What are threadworms?

They are tiny white worms about half an inch long that live in the bowel. Threadworms are spread by tiny eggs; these eggs are so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye.


How will I know my child has threadworms?

The most common symptoms are:

• White threads around the bottom and in faeces

• Bedwetting

• Itchy bottom

• Disturbed sleep

• Tummy aches

• Loss of appetite

• Increased appetite


How could my child become infected?

Eggs from an infected person can stick to clothing, dust, carpets, bedding, towels etc. They can then easily be transferred to the mouth by finger sucking or nail biting.


What should I do?

Treatments can easily be obtained from your local pharmacist or GP; you can also get advice from health visitor or school nurse. Threadworms are NOT the result of a dirty home or bad diet, there is no reason to be embarrassed.


You can help prevent the spread of threadworms by:

• Washing hands and scrubbing nails before eating and after going to the toilet

• Keep fingernails short and clean

• Discourage children from scratching bottoms, biting nails, sucking fingers and picking noses.

• Wearing clean underwear everyday

• Keeping pyjamas and bedding as clean as possible

• Bathing or showering regularly

• Vacuum carpets and rugs regularly


Can my child go to school?


Yes. But please notify us so that we can reduce the risk of infection to others.


Useful websites for further information