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Traffic outside the school

Traffic Outside The School


During school council, we have been thinking about the traffic outside school and how we could help to make it safer for ourselves and the other children. We have been trying to think of ways to make parents more aware of the dangers of parking on the zig zag lines.


"We have also drawn pictures of each playground and the equipment and activities that we can do."

"I like being in school council because we get to do fun activities."


"We have been visited by the PCSO, Charlotte Hanson. Charlotte has been teaching us about looking after our school and the surrounding areas."


"We have started our own Junior Neighbourhood Watch! "


"We have learnt the phonetic alphabet, it was really tricky!! And also how to describe an offender. Next half term we will be looking at forensics and maybe even getting a sniffer dog to come in! "


Comments made by Valantina (Year 6), Soraya (Year 2), Kelsey (Year 2), Cameron (year 5), and Jade (Year 5).