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14th May 2019


Dear Parents / Carers


We are writing to inform you that, as part of our statutory P.S.H.E. curriculum, we will be delivering our Living and Growing and SRE curriculum in Year 4 from the week commencing 10th June 2019. As last year, we will be following the Christopher Winters scheme of work which has been recommended by the Department of Education. The SRE curriculum falls in line with the Protective Behaviours work we have carried out during the year. Overleaf you will find an overview of the content in each year group.


We will be holding a brief meeting, straight after school on 5th June 2019 where you will have an opportunity to view the DVD which will be shown to your child and ask any questions which you may have about this aspect of the curriculum. If you would like to come, please complete and return the slip below to give us an indication of the number of parents attending.


Please contact your child’s class teacher if you have any concerns regarding the delivery of SRE in school. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you are happy for your child to participate in the SRE lessons.


Many thanks for your continued support.



Mrs A Brooker

PSHE co-ordinator



Child’s name ________________________________ Class _________


I/We will be attending the SRE meeting and DVD preview on 05.06.19


I/We will not be attending the SRE meeting and DVD preview on 05.06.19


Signed _______________________ (Parent / Carer) Date ________________




Sex and Relationship Education and Living & Growing Curriculum Overview


Living and Growing


EYFS Development Matters Ongoing through the year. Themes covered: Health and Self Care; Feelings and Behaviour; Making Relationships; People and Communities; The World


Year 1 Growing and Changing for Ourselves


1: Keeping Clean Lesson

2: Growing and Changing Lesson

3: Families and Care

Year 2 Differences


1: Differences - Boys and Girls Lesson

2: Differences - Male and Female Lesson

3: Naming the Body Parts

Year 3 Valuing Differences and Keeping Safe


1: Differences – Male and Female

2: Personal Space Lesson

3: Family Differences




Year 4 Growing Up


1: Growing and Changing

2: Puberty Changes and Reproduction

3: What is Puberty?

Year 5 Puberty


1: Talking about Puberty

2: Male and Female Changes

3: Puberty and Hygiene

Year 6 Puberty,

Relationships and Reproduction


1: Puberty and Reproduction

2: Understanding Relationships

3: Conception and Pregnancy

4: Communication in Relationships