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School Rules

School rules are kept to an essential minimum and are included in our home/school agreement. They have been developed to be meaningful to children. None are too difficult. They are all designed to develop courtesy, good manners and mutual respect. They are to protect children from injury, to care for equipment and to maintain a hygienic, healthy environment.


Anti-social behaviour is not condoned. It is essential that parents and teachers work together through discussion and action on any problems which develop. We expect children to behave sensibly, disruptive and anti-social behaviour is dealt with firmly at all times, including lunchtimes. Children may be removed from the normal groups or lose privileges and if behaviour problems persist, the parents are contacted. Parents and the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher then discuss and develop a programme to attempt to sort out problems and causes.


Regular or extreme bad behaviour at lunchtimes may result in children being asked to go home at lunchtime.

If damage or loss is caused to school property through repeated carelessness or vandalism, parents will be asked to ensure that their child repays a reasonable proportion of the cost. Any action however, will be with understanding and in keeping with that of a responsible parent.


Bullying is unacceptable at any time and we have adopted an anti bullying policy to support our practice.


Our Code of Conduct Is :


1. Take Care of Yourself



Do anything silly or dangerous where you might be hurt.
Stay in school at break times or leave school without permission.
Talk to strangers in school unless they have a school badge.


Tell someone if you are unhappy, being picked on or bullied.



2. Take Care of Others



Do anything to hurt others (such as hitting/name calling).
Distract others from working.
Be cheeky or rude to adults.


Be friendly to visitors, newcomers and other children



3. Take Care of Your School



Steal or deliberately damage school equipment.
Drop litter or deface the school building.
Give the school a bad name


Be proud of your school