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Pupils Voice - October 2016 - Pam Timms (School Governor)

Pupil Voice  - October 2016.



One of our school governors, Pam Timms, spoke with 3 groups of 3 pupils; one group from Y5 and the others from Y6. She invited them to talk about their understanding of eSafety, and prompted them with questions from  Ofsted – Inspecting eSafety in Schools 2014.


Pam's comments follow -


The pupils demonstrated good understanding of the following:-


  • The need to stay safe when using computers, games consoles and phones.

  • That devices can be hacked into and data (including photos) can be stolen and passed on to others.

  • The need to keep passwords and all personal information secure.

  • That they should only use school computers for school work and with permission from staff.

  • That they should never try to access someone else’s files.

  • That they should never send or receive anything ‘nasty’.

  • That they should log out when they have finished working.

  • That at school they use a search engine which filters out some inappropriate online content.

  • That bullying can take place online or by phone, and it is called cyberbullying.

  • That games should state a minimum age for their players.

  • That some websites have buttons to report concerns.


The pupils told me that they had learnt all of this through school by means of assemblies, lessons, theatre companies, children’s newspapers, posters, displays and websites.


The pupils were asked to write down advice they would give to a younger child who was about to start going online or using a new mobile phone -


Don’t type bad things.



If anything rude comes up, tell me or someone else.



Don’t tell other people your password.



Don’t use your real name and your home address

Don’t talk to strangers online.



Use Safesearch.

Do not go onto other people’s accounts.

Be always safe and don’t talk to strangers online


  Paige Don’t put your real name for a username or password.

Keep your personal information to yourself.

Always log off when finished



Be safe on everything involving the internet.

Beware of everyone and everything. There are strangers.


  Andrei Don’t tell anyone your password (except your parents).

Put a good lock down on your phone/tablet.


  Nakeel I would play the game with him so if anything did happen then I would know how to deal with it.

I would also make him play games only for his age.


Pupil voice refers to pupils’ participation, contribution and influence in a school context. Various studies have confirmed the benefits of pupil voice: increased pupil engagement, improved relationship between pupils and teachers, better communication between pupils and the school.


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