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Pupil Premium Planned Spend 2016 - 17

Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) Planned spend 2016/17



Total Number of pupils on role including Nursery


Total Number of pupils eligible for PPG


Total Grant




Objectives of the grant

  • To target under performance and raise standards in all areas for all eligible pupils
  • To ensure that all pupils make expected progress and that outstanding progress is 30%+
  • To enrich learning opportunities and enable wider outcomes for pupils
  • To make sure Year 6disadvantaged pupils are at least in line with national standards across the subjects
  • To make sure that Y1- Y6 there are little discrepancies in attainment between PPG and Non PPG in terms of progress.



Cost (approx..)

per year

Desired Impact Evaluation

To purchase a jumper and book-bag for all PPG pupils




Improved Self confidence

Pupils feel part of school community

Pupils feel proud and want to learn

Pupils do not feel disadvantaged 


Subsidising extra-curricular activities, trips

  • Dance, Drama
  • guitar tuition
  • Multi-sports
  • Trips
  • Breakfast Clubs




Enrichment opportunities to be given which will enhance their life chances and allow them to experience learning in different contexts.

Develop self-confidence by enabling pupils to develop talents

Improved rates of attendance to above 96% and punctuality improved for identified pupils. 


Web-based 1:1 Maths Tuition for Year 6 starting September 2016 (3rd Space Learning)

  • 10 weeks
  • 13 pupils


Develop and support maths learning for rapid progress

Disadvantaged pupils achievement and attainment in Maths will be in line with National


Small Group Reading and Writing intervention (years 5& 6)

  • Qualified teacher,
  • 40 minutes, 2x per week
  • Writing - 20 pupils (3 small groups)



To increase the percentage of pupils making at least expected progress in writing, focussing particularly on sentence structure and punctuation. 

To increase the number of pupils achieving age related expectations in Years 5 and 6 in writing


Reducing Class Sizes in Year 6 and extra LSA


  • Extra teacher employed
  • 1 LSA per class


£40, 000


Smaller class sizes to increase the amount of support pupils receive and pupil’s level of confidence In smaller groups. 

Accelerate rates of progress in Reading, Writing and Maths

Achievement in Reading , Writing and Maths for PPG pupils is in-line with National


To pay teachers to deliver after school booster classes to targeted pupils in year 6


Accelerate rates of progress in Reading, Writing and Maths

Achievement in Reading , Writing and Maths for PPG pupils is in-line with National


To appoint 2x HLTAs to support targeted PPG pupils

  • Deliver targeted interventions
  • Class based support for targeted pupils



Targeted support builds confidence.

Pupils’ needs are being met on an individual basis.

PPG pupils make rapid progress.

Gaps in attainment are closed


To purchase identified software for use on newly purchased iPads


To improve engagement and motivation

To address individual learning styles

To remove barriers that stop pupils’ from learning


Full 0.5 extra LSA support in Reception


Nursery - Full 0.5 extra LSA support in Nursery


Reception –

Release time for teachers to work directly with pupils to focus on improved attainment for PP pupils


To provide further support, including interventions, for vulnerable pupils as identified in pupil progress meetings.


Personalised learning and support for identified pupils. 

  • Individual termly structured conversations with PPG parents in the following groups: -
  • Year 5 PP
  • More able in years 3,4,6


To increase parental engagement to improve outcomes for pupils

Enhancing parents knowledge and enable more effective support

  • Implement growth mindsets training to staff via our school’s Network


To raise aspirations of parents and pupils as evidenced through pupil and parent voice

Raised aspirations leads to raised attainment. 


Counselling service

  • 1:1
  • 5 pupils
  • 40 mins sessions mornings



Raise self-esteem and provide social & emotional support

Remove barriers to learning in order that pupils make at least expected progress. 


Improved engagement and support for parents


  • Appointment of FSW to work with vulnerable families.



Improved parental engagement and support for vulnerable families.

Pupils’ education is discussed through formal meetings and multi-agency support identified



Raising Attendance


  • Learning Mentors 1:1 and small groups
  • Learning Mentors staff Breakfast Club





Raise attendance across the school



The above figures were based on a PPG allocation figure of £205,920 for the year 2016/17. 



Approximate Distribution of Spending

40% spent on Teaching (including HLTAs)

17% spent on Support Staff

20% spent on pastoral support

9% spent on Professional Fees

7% spent on Enrichment

5% spent on Targeted Resources

2% spent on other

= 100% - £205,920