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Pupil Premium Funding 2015 - 16

Pupil premium grant expenditure: 2015/16



2015-16 – Allocation and Planned Spend - £191,400


Stoke Primary will receive £191,400 for the financial year. The monies have been allocated as follows:


  • Providing subsidy for extra teacher & LSA to maintain small class sizes (20 children) in Year 6 – COST: £40,000
  • 0.4 teacher leading targeted interventions in UKS2 – COST: £7,000
  • Level 3 NVQ Speech and Language CPD for 4 support staff:   COST: £1,000
  • Additional support staff in EYFS and KS1 – to deliver targeted interventions such as WELLCOMM, Speech Link.  COST: £40,000
  • HLTA to deliver targeted interventions - 1st class @ number intervention in Year 2, Fresh Start in years 5&6 and Project X in Year 4. COST: £18,500
  • Intervention materials, including specific software: COST - £8,000
  • Enrichment Activities – 50% subsidies for music tuition, extra-curricular clubs, trips, breakfast club etc. COST - £12,800
  • School uniform subsidies: COST: £5,000
  • Counselling service to work with vulnerable groups of children 1 day per week  COST - £17,500
  • 0.75 Family Support Worker to work with identified families – leading CAFs COST - £18,600
  • 1x Learning Mentors to raise attendance % support families COST - £20,000
  • Individual termly structured conversations with PPG parents COST - £3,000


Approximate Distribution of Spending

40% spent on Teaching (including HLTA)

17% spent on Support Staff

20% spent on pastoral support

9% spent on Professional Fees

7% spent on Enrichment

5% spent on Targeted Resources

2% spent on other

= 100% - £191,400


The school monitors and evaluates the impact of current Pupil Premium funding including looking at children’s progress at Pupil Progress Meetings, monitoring the effectiveness of intervention programmes, and checking on children’s ability to access out of school activities.  Similarly, at Personal Education Plan meetings for Looked After Children, there are discussions about the use and impact of the Pupil Premium.


Overview of the School



Some of the main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils at Stoke Primary School are:


  • Lack of parental engagement in supporting learning
  • Understanding of English (language)
  • Low aspirations of some parents and pupils
  • Low academic baselines on entry to school
  • High transience, including overseas pupils with little or no English
  • Low rates of attendance for some pupils
  • Social and emotional development


Achievement and Attainment of Disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils at the end of each Key Stage











The data shows that in 2015, there was no in-school gap in attainment between disadvantaged pupils and other pupils at KS1 in Maths.  There was, however a slight in-school gap between disadvantaged pupils and other pupils in Reading, and the gap in Writing has widened from the previous year.  This will be carefully monitored in subsequent years and will have implications for provision in Year 3 (2015).





This year, there was a difference between the attainment in maths and  progress of disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils in all subjects. However this is not a trend as evidenced in previous data below. 




From Data Dashboard 2015/6

- ‘KS2 value added in all subjects was broadly average or above for disadvantaged pupils…’

‘From at least 5 out of every 6 starting points, the proportion of disadvantaged KS2 pupils making and exceeding expected progress in reading, in writing & in mathematics was similar to that of other pupils nationally’.