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Pupil Premium Funding 2011 - 12

Pupil Premium Funding (PPF)

Report to Parents 2011 / 12


Pupils 2011/12

Total Number of Pupils on Roll

460 Reception to Year 6

Nature of Support 2011/12

1 Intervention to raise standards and achievement


  • Additional teacher 0.5 teacher employed to support streaming and extra group in Maths KS2

  • Targeted small intervention groups in Maths, English throughout school

  • Training for staff re talking partners and talking maths

  • Assertive mentoring introduced throughout school including parent / child consultations and reports

  • each term.


2 Enrichment to raise aspirations


  • Learning Mentor appointed to support vulnerable children and families

  • Cross phase work with local secondary school – Maths and English “Bright Sparks”

  • Involvement in partnership schools sporting activities

  • Purchase of extra speech therapy provision to ensure engagement and attendance at appointments


Impact - Key Stage 2

Whilst we are successfully narrowing the gap at Key Stage 2 between FSM pupils in school & FSM pupils nationally, the focus next school year will be on narrowing the gap between FSM pupils & non FSM  pupils in school.


  • In 2011, 68% of FSM pupils attained level 4 in English and Maths combined compared with 74% in

  • 2012. This was also above the national average (68%)

  • In English, 95% (national average 87%) of pupils on FSM achieved 2 levels progress or more and 89% (83% national average) in maths.

  • Value added for FSM pupils was 100.6 (national average 99.7)


Impact Key Stage 1

We have recognised we have not been as successful in narrowing the gap at Key stage 1 so will review

and improve the provision to enable FSM pupils to achieve better.


  • The average point score for reading, writing and maths combined was 12.7 for pupils on FSM (14.1 National Average)



Parenting workshops were organised and well attended.


  • The % of pupils who were persistently late decreased by 5%.

  • The school were able to initiate more CAF’s to support vulnerable pupils and help to remove barriers to their learning.