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Physical Development Skills



Have a go at this work out with Joe this morning.  Make sure you get dressed first, ready to start the day!

Wake Up With Joe | Day 1

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Wednesday- No Technology Day




We hope you enjoy having a break from technology today.  Our suggested activity today is linked to all areas of learning...


Bake something...

Use a simple cake or biscuit recipe to do some baking or if not make a fruit salad.  Talk through your ingredients, what you need and what equipment you need.  Talk through the process of what they need to do and encourage your child to join in.


Joining in with measuring, cutting, stirring all support physical and mathematical development.  Accomplishing creating something out of simple ingredients supports their emotional development.

Coats and shoes!


Please support your child and give them time to learn to put their own coat and shoes on.  Practise at times when you have time, not when you are trying to leave.


Can they put their coat on?  Can they do it up? (They are not too little!!)  smiley