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Physical Development Skills


Morning everyone!  It is cold outside, I hope you enjoyed the snow yesterday.  It is hard to get up and dressed when its so cold!

Join in with this 'Wake up, Shake up' song then see if you can get dressed all by yourself.  Take a picture when you are dressed and send it to us on Tapestry.

Wake Up! School Assembly Song and Dance from Songs For EVERY Assembly by Out of the Ark Music

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Practise writing your name again.  Ask your adult to help you to start in the right place.  After you have followed the dots have a try on your own underneath.


Keep practising the pencil control lines, how close can you get to staying on the lines and following them.


Send your work into Tapestry.



Have a go at this Dinosaur Yoga!

Kids Yoga with Dinosaurs | Cosmic Kids

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Can you make a picture or a model using anything you have at home.  What will you make?  What do you need to help you make your creation?  Scissors?  Glue?  Paper?


When you have made it can you send a picture on tapestry and tell me what you have done.


I can't wait to see them.