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Our first week back! Under the sea theme

On the first week back to school, in the main hall, an under the sea theme had took place and a magnificent display was put up. A few videos were played about the Under the Sea theme. The videos included a song (Under the sea-The Little Mermaid), a video of the Sydney Harbour being cleared from the waste people had dumped there (it included several bikes and even a bathtub!) The last one was a video of the world under the water.


In the three days before school had started, teachers had set up a display in the main school hall. This display included a mini sandpit at the end of the hall with buckets and spades within the sand. There was even a deckchair on some blue mats. Sea themed wallpaper was put on part of the walls.

On this paper, work we were about to do,Under the Sea, was to be  put up. Blue and green strips of paper were placed on the back of the hall.

Unfortunately, most of the display was removed on Wednesday however, the wallpaper and the work are still there. In the classrooms, we got to do several fun activities relating to the Under the Sea theme.

One of them was to draw what you came to your mind when you think of Under the Sea. You were allowed to use wax crayons, water colours, colouring pencils and coloured paper, as well as paint.
Take a look at the Gallery section where a lovely video of all our hard work has been created.

By Gautam

Year 6

Please look in Gallery section: under the sea.