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Operation Sceptre - West Midlands Police

Operation Sceptre

This week we are running a knife crime activity week in your area as part of a national week of action. This means you might see our officers doing these sorts of activities:

  • Weapon sweeps with community members where we will be looking for knives hidden in public places
  • Test purchasing – where we will be checking that retailers are being responsible and only selling knives to people of the correct age
  • Officers using knife arches and knife wands to search for weapons
  • More officers at transport hubs including bus stations
  • Schools presentations – where we will be talking to children about knives and in some cases using knife arches to check if pupils have knives on them.

If you want to take this week as an opportunity to talk to your child about knife crime we have help and advice on how to have that chat, including what to say on our website.


Peter Sturgeon (Police, Engagement Officer, Coventry)