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Welcome to Stoke Primary 2015

Happy New Year 2015 everyone and welcome back to school and our new school web site.


We have re-designed our web with you in mind. It is now easier to access all the items that are important, the things that you need to know about your school and what's happening throughout the school year.


Our brightly coloured menu system and its layout will make it easier to get around and access the information you need, whilst the real-time pencil ticker will show the most recent notices.


Keep an eye on the notice board which will be updated on a regular basis. This will link you through to current messages and news items.


One of the best features of this new web site is its translation capabilities. You will see at the bottom of each text page that there is a Google Translate option. At the time of writing this, the translate option supported 82 different languages. This means that we can effectively communicate with all our nationalities and provide information for all to see and use.


The site will be updated on a regular basis, but specifically keep a look out for changes to The Gallery and the Notice Board for school events and diary entries.


If you have any ideas for our web site, please let us know and we will consider including them.