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Message from Mr Bennett 25.3.20

Hi guys, Mr Bennett here.


I hope you are all doing ok and are keeping yourselves busy.


I’ve been working from home the last two days. I’ve done the Joe Wick’s workout to start my day off right, I then had my breakfast to refuel afterwards. I hope you have been joining in with it.


Later in the afternoon, I've been going for a walk around my local area and the park.


In between all that, I've also been doing school work; yes Mr Ascroft has given us homework to do sad


I hope you are getting on ok with your home learning packs. There is also lots of great stuff that has been added to the school’s Facebook page. Please have a look and find something engaging to fill your day with whether it be maths, reading, writing, art or P.E. 


The main idea guys is we want you to do things that will help you learn and for you to not get bored. Learning isn’t just sitting down with a pencil in your hand. Learn how to tie your shoelaces, make your bed, sew a button or even how to dance, that’s what the Just Dance videos are for.


However, also take the time to relax. Read a book in peace and quiet or watch some great cartoons on YouTube such as The Real Ghostbusters that I showed you. 


Whilst I’m taking about YouTube, search for Art Attack. It’s a great art show that I used to watch when I was your age.

Who knows, you might even be inspired to try one of the art projects.


Stay safe, relax and learn in one of the many ways I have mentioned.


Make your move and say YES!


Mr Bennett