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Message from Mr Bennett 8.6.20

Hi guys, Mr Bennett here.


I hope you’ve had a great week, despite the fact it's been a lot colder and wetter this week. I've still managed to go for walks outside, read, watch Netflix and continue to do more learning from home. 


This week’s learning has been added to the ‘Home Learning Links & Ideas’ section and it’s all based on the topic of ‘Music’ so there's plenty there to keep you busy in your learning this week. Why not take the opportunity this week to listen to a variety of music. There are so many types of music (genres) such as: pop, rock, dance, classical, jazz, etc. Music is often referred to as 'The universal language', because it doesn't matter what language you speak, most people love music and artists are known all around the world. It really does bring people together. 
I hope you've been having a go at the summer reading bingo challenge, completing one a day. Remember, you will earn a certificate if you complete it.
Have a great week, make the most of the weather, read, do some of the home learning challenges and listen to a variety of music. Who knows, you might discover a new favourite band!


Take care and stay safe.
Make your move and say YES!
Mr Bennett