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Message from Mr Bennett 4.5.20

Hi guys, Mr Bennett here.


We're now entering week 7, that's a long time away from school, longer than your summer holiday.


It was great to speak to most of you last week and find out how you are doing. However, I was worried to learn that most of you are not going on the school website and so haven't been reading mine or Miss Burn's messages and therefore haven't been doing the work we have been setting. Remember, before school closed, I told you to check the school website regularly as I would be posting work on there. You need to keep your brain active otherwise switching it back on when we go back to school will be really hard. Well done for going on Times Table Rock Stars or reading your book, but now, 7 weeks away from school, I would like you to start doing the home learning tasks. 


In it, you will find daily reading, writing and spelling tasks and a weekly project to be keeping your days busy. You should be aiming to do these everyday. This will ensure that your morning and afternoon are spent with quality learning and will stop you getting bored which many of you said you were.


You should all have finished the two books that you were sent home with that is why I posted the link to the Oxford Owl website to give you free access to hundred of e-books.



The home learning tasks are based around Sport and Keeping fit so try and keep yourself active amongst all that learning. As I've said before, I enjoy my daily walk around the local park. I hope you are able to go for a walk or ride your bike.


Have a great week and stay safe.


Make your move and say YES!


Mr Bennett.