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Message from Mr Bennett 30.3.20

Hi guys, Mr Bennett here. 


So, week 2 of school closure. I hope you are all well and are settling in to a new routine. I spent the week working and doing my exercises and have had a lovely weekend where I switched off, watched some TV, read a book and played some computer games (I can't even remember the last time I played Super Mario!) 


I hope you are all getting on with your home learning packs. Remember, you should be reading and practising your times tables everyday, they aren't just something you do once and say that that part of your home learning pack is done. The writing tasks and the Europe research project should also still be keeping you busy. 


It's ok to be feeling strange and not sure what to do with yourself which is why it is so important to have a routine, therefore in the 'Home learning links and ideas' section you will see the daily schedule I showed you as it may help you to structure your day. You will also find a daily celebrity timetable as this may very well give you structure even if you don't choose to do them all. You will also find a list of daily writing prompts as you may find these inspiring and they will help you to structure your day and writing.


I am not setting tasks on PurpleMash as I know many of you do not have or have lost your log in details. If you are able to access PurpleMash then there are many activities to choose from. 


I came across a feature on Google. If you type in the name of a common animal and press search, then scroll down and click on 'View in 3D'. It will allow you to view that animal as if it were right there in front of you. This could be great as a writing prompt e.g. The Lion That Came for Tea' or just a bit of fun. I won't tell you which animals Google has done this for, searching for them is all part of the fun wink


Have a great week, stay safe and get a routine going.


Make your move and say YES!


Mr Bennett