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Message from Mr Bennett 18.5.20

Hi guys, Mr Bennett here.
Week 9 away from school. Since I spoke to most of you on the phone, I have been pushing the last two weeks for you to be reading these messages and doing the work I am setting you. I am worried that many of you haven't and that you aren't keeping your brains active and therefore will find returning to school difficult. So, I hope you are now getting into a routine of work. I hope you managed to do some of the VE day activities.
Since all of this began, I, along with all the other teachers, have been very busy. We have done assessments, written your end of year reports, had lots of Teams meetings, been in the Shutdown school and have been learning. Yes learning! We have used this time to improve our own subject knowledge and look at how we can make Reading, Writing and Maths a better experience for you all. 
Some children have contacted me on PurpleMash or via the office, sending me photos of what they've been up to. This has been lovely, so feel free to keep in contact with me. 
On top of that, I have been reading for pleasure, enjoying the sun, going for walks, keeping in contact with friends and family via videochat and watching Netflix. I haven't played any computer games for a while, maybe I should try and fit that in this week but I have been really enjoying reading. I think this time has reignited my enjoyment of reading. I love how you are in control when you read. You can start and stop whenever you want. The characters and settings come alive in your head. You are there, in the action and danger with them! I enjoy a good movie, but it's not the same. When reading, you go into a world of your own. You leave the real world and all this coronavirus behind and you enter a new world. I urge you. Have a go! Make a den. Make a blanket fort. Lay under the bed covers. Surround ourselves with teddy bears. Just make a quiet, safe place and get lost in it. I promise you, you'll love it!
So, this week, remember, everyday you should practise your spellings, times tables and do a writing task. Across the week you should do the project which, this week, is about famous people. I'm sure there's someone famous you'd like to do some research on.
And read. Get lost in the magical world of reading!
Take care.
Make your move and say YES!
Mr Bennett