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Message from Mr Bennett 1.6.20

Hi guys, Mr Bennett here.


Here we are, the start of June and close to some sort of reopening of school.
I hope you’ve had a great half term, played out in the sun, relaxed and had a great week...and maybe even done some reading? 😁 Perhaps you made a reading den like I encouraged?
I’ve had a lovely week in the sun, going for walks, exercising, reading and even learning! I’ve been doing some learning to improve my reading and writing knowledge and I can’t wait to be able to try out these new ideas in class.
I miss you all and hope to have you all back in class again. But, in the meantime, this week’s learning has been added to the ‘Home Learning Links & Ideas’ section and it’s all based on the topic of ‘Around the World’.
Ive also added a summer reading bingo challenge. If you, complete them all (but it’s only one a day, so no cheating 😜) I have a certificate I will award to you.
Some of you have been in contact with me through PurpleMash so feel free to send me a message of what you’ve been up to.
Have a great week, enjoy the sun, read, and do some of the home learning challenges.


Take care and stay safe.
Make your move and say YES!
Mr Bennett