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Message from Mr Bennett 15.6.20

Hi guys, Mr Bennett here.


I can't believe how quickly these weeks are flying by! I've had another nice week which included: reading, watching Netflix, going for walks in the park, another Zoom chat with my friends, and then planning work because I am in school this week! I will be working with Mr Morrow and I'll be reunited with Miss Dawson as we will be with a group of key worker children. I'm looking forward to getting back to doing the job I love.


I miss you all and have been thinking about you. I'm aware that we are getting close to the summer holiday and that some of you may be thinking that it already is the summer holiday. However, there are still five weeks left of this term and it is really important that you continue with your weekly tasks so that you do not fall behind in your learning. I know some of you may have been doing other kinds of learning, for example, learning life skills, baking, crafts, playing games, and going for walks outside. Whilst that is wonderful, you must also complete your school work so that you will be ready for Year 5 in September.


This week's home learning project is all about Space. There are plenty of tasks to complete and something happened in the news recently to do with space, perhaps you could look it up and find out what it was? 


Have a great week.

Stay safe.


Make your move and say YES!


Mr Bennett