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Message from Miss Collins 30.03.20

This is the start of week 2!


Happy Monday everyone. How are you all finding learning from home? It’s ok if some of you are finding it really easy not being in school and it’s ok if some of you are struggling a little bit by learning at home I love being at home and I’m sure you all do too. Our homes are filled with loving family members and glorious distracting things such a ipads, computer games, snacks and toys. You’ve been challenged to do some learning from home so it would be great if you could stay motivated and get some of your home learning done. I think a daily timetable would really help, I know it helps me to get my work done. I gave you all a timetable on Friday, but just in case you don’t have it, take a look at the timetable above.



As I said, this really helped me to get some of my work done last week, then I had the weekend to do lots of fun things. On Saturday I went for a walk near where I live. I was amazed to see so many rainbow pictures in the windows, some even had chalk drawings on the drives and pavement outside the houses.🎨 Have any of you made a rainbow picture and displayed it in the window? I also spent a lot of time in my kitchen this weekend, I love cooking and eating so I made some delicious recipes. The food even looked like the recipe picture- I was so proud of myself! 


Here’s to to a fantastic week. We can do it!

Remember you have work to do on purple mash and you have your workbooks. Please practice your times tables everyday, do not think that just because you have practiced them once this means that you don’t need to do them again. Practice makes perfect. 


Have great week, you can send me a message via the mail on Purple mash and I will do my best to respond. Stay safe and stay brilliant.

Bye, 2EC🤗