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2EC Message from Miss Collins 27.04.20

Hello everyone.


It’s another beautiful day. I hope you all had a lovely Easter break with your families.  Did any of you have an Easter Egg hunt? I remember having meals on Easter Sunday with all of my family and there would always be an Easter Egg hunt, I have some very competitive cousins.  One year, Mummy Collins hid so many eggs around the garden she couldn’t remember where she hid them all. A week later, she was gardening and found one of the chocolate eggs! 😊


Recently I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the sunshine, going on walks, reading my book and sorting things out around my house. I hope you were able to see the Easter learning activities that Mrs Burns posted and were able to complete some of the Easter activities? Some of the activities are developing life skills which are really important. Leaning is not always reading, writing and maths. If you didn’t do the Easter activities, have a go at doing a few. I think you’ll be surprised at how well you can do some of them.  


So, it’s back to learning from home. There are activities on purple mash for you do to and here are some other ideas you can do too.


I know so many of you are excellent artists and really enjoy drawing. You might like to try drawing some Disney characters. I had a go, but you all remember what my drawing skills are like. I will need to try a few more times.  



If the sun has been shining in the morning, then I eat my breakfast outside. There is a cherry blossom tree that hangs over into my garden, I just love seeing the blossom first thing in the morning. Could you imagine walking into the kitchen and seeing an octopus in the sink! What would you do? Would you persuade the octopus to leave your kitchen or allow it to stay? You could write about your ideas by following this link.



Can you remember the work we did in science about animals and their habitats?  In the document below there are some ideas that you can follow that follow on from that topic, it is about under the sea. Try and do a few of the activities.


Well I hope you are all doing ok and staying safe. If you need to get in contact, please feel free to use purple mash and I will do my best to reply.


Take care, you lovely lot. I am missing teaching you and the wonderful facts you used to tell me.


Miss Collins