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2EC Message from Miss Collins 11.05.20

Hello Everyone!

How are you all doing? Wasn’t the weather glorious on Friday and Saturday. I’m sure you were aware that on Friday many people across Europe celebrated VE day. VE means Victory in Europe and celebrated to mark the end of a war with Germany. Have a look at this site, it will give you more information.  



Did you do anything to celebrate? I live on a very busy road, so we were not able to have a street party, but I know lots of friends that were able to sit in their front gardens and enjoyed chatting to their neighbours. Mrs Burns put a fantastic activity suggestion on the website of things you could create for VE day. If you haven’t already, share your pictures with the rest of the school by putting them on the school Facebook page. We would all love to see what you have been up to.


Well, it’s another week at home and it really is ever so important that you are doing some learning at home.  I would expect you to be doing:

Reading- this needs to happen everyday.


Writing – you should be writing everyday and getting the chance to practice your handwriting. You could write facts about something you are interested in. You could design an exotic animal and write about it.


Maths – please try to solve some maths facts and solving calculations using  +,  -,  x,  ÷. This should be happening every day.


Something creative – you can do this whenever you want. I know there are some very creative children in 2EC and I have been sent some amazing pictures of your finished designs. They looked great!


Below the link to a creative project that has many links to help will all parts of your learning. It’s all about the rainforest. Have fun doing it. Remember, send me any pictures of what you make or write. I would love to see them.

I know you will all be doing your best to stay safe. Some of you will love being at home and will not feel bored. Some of you may be very bored and want to see your friends again. However you feel, I want you to know that the teachers and your parents are proud of how well you are coping with not being able to go to school. Hopefully we will be able to see each other soon.


Take care, you lovely lot.

Stay safe.

From Miss Collins.