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Message from Miss Collins

Hi there everyone!


I have really missed you all and I do hope that everyone is doing brilliantly and staying safe. It seems so strange not being in school but I am sure that you are all enjoying this time at home with your family. This week, I have been doing some of my homework that Mr A set the teachers, I hope you have been doing your workbooks that Miss Rigley and I sent out. 


During lunchtime, I have loved eating outside and enjoying the sunshine, sunshine always make me feel better. ☀️ 


It was my birthday this week so after I blew out my candles I had a slice of cake in the garden. Can you guess what I have had to drink with cake? That’s right, a cup of tea! My favourite. ☕️ 🍰


Before the school had to temporarily close, we all practiced logging on to Purple Mash.

It has been fantastic to see that some of you have been having a go at some of the tasks that have been set. If you haven’t already, try one of the tasks. I know you will be great at completing them.  


There are lots of really fun activities that the staff have uploaded onto the school Facebook page, ask an adult to help you find a fun task to do.  Although we are not in school, you can still do lots of learning but this doesn’t need to all be on the computer. Try and learn a new skill such as learning to tie your shoelace or keep practising on telling the time. I have set myself a challenge of sewing a button onto my blouse, I will let you know how I get on. 


I know that you will all be making excellent choices while you are at home. Please stay safe and make sure that an adult knows where you are ALL the time.

Have a lovely weekend and I hope we can all enjoy the sunshine a little bit longer.

Bye 2EC.


Miss Collins 😀