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Message from Miss Collins 06.04.20

This is week 3. Let's do this!

Hi everyone! Happy Monday!  laugh

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and were able to enjoy the sunshine. I had a lovely time and I thought I was quite productive. As the weather was so glorious, I went a wonderful stroll in the park, washed my car and tidied up the house. It was so funny, when I was washing my car my next-door neighbour was laughing at me because I needed to stand on some step ladders to reach the roof of the car. I mentioned in my last message that I love cooking and eating, well I had a slight baking disaster this weekend. I wanted to make some wholemeal scones and I followed the recipe exactly but when I ate one of the scones they tasted absolutely disgusting - I had to throw the scones away.crying  I told some of my teacher friends about what happened, and luckily, Miss Burns and Mrs Sargent have given me some top tips and recipe ideas to make different scones. I am determined and I will try again, fingers crossed that my next batch is a tasty success. 


I really hope you are all keeping safe and are not too bored with all this time at home. In my last message I mentioned about having a timetable to help structure and organise your day. Have you tried to stick to a routine? If not, give it a go this week, you will be surprised how it helps and makes the time fly by.  My favourite part of last week was writing you all an email on Purple Mash, go and read it if you haven't already done so. I loved that a few of you super stars sent a message back. I was delighted to know what you have been up to and more importantly, that you are all safe and healthy.  


I know that some of you are doing the tasks set on Purple Mash, this is great, keep up the great work. Did you know that Mr Bennett has set a battle of everyone on Times Table Rock Stars. I had a look earlier and I think the boys are winning. Well done, boys! Girls, come on! You can still catch up!

You all have some much maths knowledge, you could challenge yourselves and have a go at this website. It has different maths activities, go and have a look. I'm sure you can solve all of these questions.



I am still doing the homework that Mr Ascroft has told the teachers to do. This week I was looking at your brilliant writing work. I was ever so impressed with the dragon writing that you were all doing. The language and word choices that everyone used was fabulous. If you wanted to do your own creative writing about dragons, you could use this picture link to help you. You might decide to write about the deadliest dragon that destroys castles walls with a flick of its tail. Or you might decide to write about the friendliest dragon that saves the day. Whatever you decide to write about, remember to use correct punctuation and exciting word choices. Here is the picture link:



I am trying to use my time during the weekends as best as I can. As well as cleaning my car I started to clean my bedroom. I hope you are all able to keep your bedrooms tidy. You could do some tidying up and then use what is in your bedroom to make a tally chart and bar chart, it could be a bar chart about the different toys or shoes that you have. Why not make a bar chart and write some questions about the data you have collected? Maybe your adult could have a go at answering the questions and then you can be the teacher and mark it.  


Can you remember the thematic work we did about the polar regions? If you have permission from an adult, why not go on Google Earth and do some exploring.  You could make an aerial map of the exciting places that you discover. 


This is the start of another week of home learning. You have plenty of things to do such as:

- your workbook - use it to practice handwriting / writing a story or a shopping list

- TTRS - do you homework on here and don't forget about the battle between boys and girls

- spellings - practice your spelling words everyday.

-Purple Mash - complete the 2do's on there or just send me and your friends a message to say hi. 

- Go on any of the links above to solve some maths problems or to do some creative writing. 


Look after yourselves and know that I am very proud of each of you for doing your best learning when things seem to be in a bit of a pickle at the moment. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay brilliant.


From Miss Collins