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Message from Miss Collins 01.06.20

Hey there everyone!


Haven’t we had the best weather during half term. I hope you all stayed safe in the sun and put on sun cream. I had one of the best weeks last week, I spent my week in school with some fantastic children, it was great fun. I was able to see some teacher friends too. I was working with Miss Dulai and Mr Hammond. Mrs Brooker was in a different group but I was able to wave to her and say hello. It was wonderful seeing so many smiling people in school.  One of my favourite ways we started the day was to do a Joe Wicks session or a Just Dance video.  Have you completed or tried any of the Joe Wicks sessions? I must say, I found them really challenging. I think I should try and do a few more so I can get a bit healthier.  My week in school made me really excited to think of when we can all get back to school to see our friends and to continue our learning.


I have been ever so lucky as when the weather has been glorious, I have been able to go on so many exciting walks near where I live, each walk had different scenery which was great. Other fun things that I have been doing include cooking, reading and a spot of baking (a success this time.)


I hope you have been able to get out and about and explore your local area. Remember you can always let me know about all of the wonderful things that you get up to via Purple Mash.

As I am sure you will have heard in the news, a lot of schools are beginning to open to some year groups. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before Year 2 can come back to school. This means that I really need you all to be working hard on your home learning. It would be greatly beneficial if you can get yourselves into a routine that was similar to when you were coming to school. My advice is to go to bed early so you can wake up early.


There are Purple Mash tasks for you all to do. 


Do some reading for pleasure, it doesn’t need to be your school reading book. Read, read, read.


Write in your homework book that you were given before the lockdown.


Try to improve your accuracy or speed when answering times table facts on TTRS.


Have a go at completing the task below the theme is ‘Around the world.’ There are so many incredible places around the world and here in England, have you been to any beautiful places or do you know of any destinations that you would like to visit?

Please have a real determined effort to concentrate on your home learning and try a range of the suggested activities. As always, stay safe and please feel free to get in touch via Purple Mash if you have any questions.


Have a brilliant week.

Stay safe you lovely lot.

From Miss Collins.