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Message from Miss Burns 7.5.20

Hello you lovely lot! Nearly the end of Week 7 of being away from school. I still can’t quite believe it.

I hope you are all doing okay. It was absolutely marvellous getting to speak to parents and some of you on the phone last week. I enjoyed hearing your voices. It did worry me that a lot of you had not been on this school website and accessed all the activities Mr Bennett and I have been sharing with you. It also appeared that some of you had forgotten that you were given a work book which has lots of things to do. It has been a week since I called so I hope by now that you have had the time to access these things and are completing the work.

A lot more of you are now going on Purple Mash and I have enjoyed receiving emails from a few of you. It has also been wonderful to see photos that have been shared on Facebook of things you have been getting up to. 

I have had a busy week. I have had some very interesting virtual meetings with the other teachers talking about lots of exciting things we can do when we finally get to return to school. I hope you also saw the video that was shared on Facebook of photos of staff sharing a message to you all. If you haven’t, go check that out as I am sure it will be nice to see all our faces!

It is Bank Holiday tomorrow and the weather is set to be delightful! I hope you have a lovely day in the sunshine. 

There are now resources on the school website for VE Day so please have a look at those and learn a bit about it. 

I will message again next week. Hope to hear from more of you on Purple Mash. 

As ever, keep being awesome.

Who are we? VIRUS BUSTERS!