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Message from Miss Burns 28.4.20

Hello wonderful Year 4s!

I hope you have had a lovely Easter break although I know it would have felt very different to normal.

I hope you took advantage of the lovely weather we had ☀️I had a nice 2 weeks. I have done a bit of work, gone for lovely walks in the sun and relaxed in my garden. My daughter turned 2 last week and to celebrate we had a teddy bears picnic in the garden and played in the paddling pool (my dog Merlin loved it just as much as she did! 🐶) I have included some photos for you to look at ☺️

I am missing everyone so much. I have been keeping in touch with my teacher friends but I’m really missing talking to you all and seeing your faces every day. Some of you are now accessing Purple Mash. If you are, you will be able to email each other on there and it would be wonderful for you to send me an email too! Make sure to check with your parents first.

I can’t quite believe this is Week 6 of not being at school. It’s now officially the Summer Term! It’s okay if you’re feeling uncertain about what’s happening or worried or even happy to be at home. Whatever you’re feeling is perfectly fine and this may change every day. Now we are back to school work, it’s good to have a routine as best you can. Try something like the ones in the ‘Home Learning Links and Ideas’ page or stick to a routine similar to what we had at school. This will hopefully add some structure to your days. Like I have said before, don’t put too much pressure on yourselves. Listen to how you’re feeling and try and share this with someone. I want you to learn at home but I also want you to be be happy and feel safe. 

There are lots of things you can do to continue learning at home. Purple Mash has a range of activities to choose from, have a go at some of the links in the ‘Home Learning Links & Ideas’ section that you haven’t done yet, new links and activities have also been added onto this class page so also check those out too. 

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have a nice, productive week. Like I’ve mentioned before, it might be nice for you to keep a diary of thoughts, feelings and one thing you are proud of achieving each day. I would love to hear about some of these if you are willing to share. Some children are also sharing photos on the Facebook page of things they are proud of or enjoyed. 

Keep being amazing. Keep growing those brains. Keep looking after yourselves. 

Who are we?! VIRUS BUSTERS!