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Message from Miss Burns 27.3.20


Hey Kids! 

I have been thinking about you all this week. I hope you are all looking after yourselves and keeping those hands clean like the Virus Busters I know that you are! 👐🏼

I have been doing some work this week and also enjoying the nice sunshine with my daughter and my dog (they don’t laugh at my silly jokes as much as you all do though 😝) 

I hope you have been doing some of the work that has been set in your books. With lots of time to spare, it would be wonderful if you could all learn to tell the time! 🕒

Whilst you’re off, it might be nice for you to keep a diary about the things you’ve been up to/how you’re feeling. We are all part of History at the moment so it’s important to keep a record of it. 

A nice little art project for you all to do is to create a rainbow that you can stick on one of your windows for the rest of the houses on the street to see. Lots of people are doing this at the moment to show that once the dark cloud disappears, there will be a rainbow and everything will be good again🌈

I know lots of you have been joining in with Joe Wicks every morning! Why not video yourselves and post it on the Facebook page! 

Anything else you want to share, please ask an adult to upload to the Facebook page. I would love to see what you’re all up to. It could be anything. Singing a song (you know I love a good sing song), baking, art, playing a game in the garden, some writing you have done. Absolutely anything that has made your day special, share it with us! It might also give others some inspiration. 

It might seem like all we want you to do is work at home during this time. Whilst it is important to keep learning, it is equally important to look after yourselves. Life is usually so fast paced. We have been given an opportunity to spend quality time with our families, to get to know each other in ways we possibly didn’t before. Take advantage of this and enjoy time with family doing things that make you all happy. 

I will message again on here next week. Until then, please keep looking at the Facebook page and I look forward to people sharing what they have been up to. 

Stay safe all! 

Who are we? VIRUS BUSTERS!