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Message from Miss Burns 15.6.20

Hello you fantastic lot!

I hope you all had a good week last week. The weather was very strange. Sunny one minute then pouring down with rain the next. I was in school last week with key worker children. I will also be in school this week with some of them too. It’s been nice to be at school but I’m really missing all of you. 

As of next week, I will be in school with a group of Year 1s. I understand that you may feel like you don’t know where you fit in to all of this at the moment but I want to assure you that, even though Mr Bennett and I will be in school, you are still our class and we will be available to contact. Home learning will still be provided and with only 5 weeks left until the summer holidays, it is important that we all put our best efforts in. There has been a new project added this week which is around the topic of ‘Space’. Something very exciting happened in the news recently linked to this. Type in ‘Space X’ into Google to find out. Myself and the key worker children did some work around this last week and we loved it! We even built our own rocket!

Please keep up all the hard work and know that I think about you all everyday. I hope you are all challenging those brains of yours and I also hope that you are all happy in this strange time we are living in. Please keep contacting me on Purple Mash to share what you have been up to or ask any questions you have. I may not respond as fast as I was but I will frequently check as I love to hear from you. Please also share anything amazing on the school Facebook page. I see a lot from other children on there but not very much from our class. 

Have a marvellous week!

Who are we? VIRUS BUSTERS!