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Message from Miss Burns 1.6.20

Hello you lovely lot!
It is June already and officially the Summer term! Sorry I haven't messaged on here the past 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago, I spent the week at school which was lovely as I got to see some children and teacher friends. Last week was half term and the weather was glorious so I spent lots of time outside going for nice walks with my dog Merlin and playing in the paddling pool with my daughter. I hope you had a lovely week off school work and you were able to enjoy the sunshine smiley

I know you may have heard things about certain year groups returning to school and I know that it may confuse you and make you wonder when you can come back. Whenever that happens, it will be marvellous to see you all again but in the meantime please embrace the time you have left at home and keep stretching those brains so that they are ready to return. I strongly recommend focusing on doing lots of work related to Reading, Writing and Maths. 
Read, read, read as much as you can. Make a cozy reading den, read a book in the sunshine, read to adults, read to your siblings. Your parents can support you by asking questions that are available from the'Home Learning Links & Ideas' section. If you are running out of books at home, there is a link to the Oxford Owl website that gives access to a wide variety of books. Mr Bennett has also uploaded an exciting Summer Reading Bingo so have a go at that!

For Maths, a great website is the White Rose site which we have also included the link to. It has daily videos that teach specific Maths skills. The areas we didn't get much time to learn are written methods for multiplication & division and money so perhaps focus on those areas of learning. Please also continue to go on Times Table Rock Stars.

For Writing, you should be continuing to learn the spellings for Year 3 & 4 which have been included on this class page. Please also ensure you know all the spellings for Year 2 as some of those are quite tricky. There are also ideas for writing you could have a go at.

I have included a Home Learning Pack which has a wide variety of questions related to different aspects of Maths and Writing. They have different levels of challenge per question so have a look at that.

There has also been included a home learning project for the week if you would like to have a go at the activities from there.

I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving emails on Purple Mash from some children. They have also been sharing their work with me. You can share work you have completed from Purple Mash or upload other documents. I have also seen photos of children and what they have been up to. This has been wonderful and makes my day. However, only a small number of the class are doing this. You can also share anything amazing you have been up to via the school Facebook page so please share. 

Have a wonderful week! Enjoy the sunshine! Stretch those brains! Keep being amazing!

Who are we? VIRUS BUSTERS!

Miss Burns