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Friday 8th January- 

Task 1- Practise number recognition using the powerpoint. Challenge- What is one more/one less than a 3, 5 etc.

Task 2- Number formation- Using the sheet from the pack provided have a go at tracing the numbers. Once you have traced the numbers have a go at writing numbers 0-10 on a paper/whiteboard. Email to Reception@stoke.coventry.sch.uk


Thursday 7th January - Shape of the week- Circle

1. Start by looking at the circle powerpoint and the video. 

2. Identify things that are circular shaped. Talk about the fact that it is a 2d shape (flat), properties of the shape (no corner and 1 curved side)

3.Refer to the powerpoint and talk about some of the shapes you can see in your house which are circular shaped.

4. Go for a shape walk either in the house or outdoors. Please encourage your child to draw the objects they can see on a whiteboard or paper. Adult to annotate what the object is and send to Reception@stoke.coventry.sch.uk by the end of the day please.

Wednesday 6th January-Todays maths lesson is on matching numeral and quantity, please demonstrate and support your child with counting accurately and slowly but also with number recognition. If your child is struggling with recognising numbers to 10 then flashing the number cards that are in the pack daily will really help. 

Task 1-

1. Cut out the number cards that are in the pack.

2. Flash the numbers to check which ones they know/need to practise.

3. Using some objects in your home e.g. spoons count and match to the number cards (up to 10). Challenge: Numbers to 20 and questioning e.g. which one has more? Find the number which is one more or one less than a given number.

4. Send a picture/short video to Reception@stoke.coventry.sch.uk by the end of the day.